I. ◟੭

I have adhd, rsd, & gad so please understand that I feel things very deeply, have trouble regulating my emotions & am overall quite sensitive to most things

I'm an age regressor who regresses for inner child healing purposes, as well as a coping mechanism for my mental health struggles

loves (ˊ•͈ ◡ •͈ˋ)

The color pink, Desserts, Vocaloid, Animated Media, Manga, Dolls, Plushies, Stickers, Sanrio, San-X, Disney, Kindness, the fine arts, the applied arts, Halloween

dislikes ( •̀ - •́ )

Bullying, Spicy Food, Pessimism, Crowded Places, Offensive "Jokes", Fatphobia, Being Sleepy, Growing Up, Humidity, Schoolwork, Insensitive people, Slow WiFi, Athletics

II. ◟੭

I love various forms of alternative fashion, including and especially j-fashion. fairy kei, sweet lolita, & hime gyaru are some styles I hope to be able to wear full-time someday

III. ◟੭

gaming is my special interest and biggest hobby. i play a variety of games, but my favorites tend to be fps, simulation, horror survival, and story-driven games

BYI (before you interact)• I am always open to new friends & chatting• I do not accept random friend requests• I do not accept requests from individuals under 18• Personal interactions limited to people aged 21+• I strictly use they/them pronouns unless specified otherwise• I strictly use feminine and neutral identifiers• I do not use trigger warnings or tone tags unless requested• Please directly ping or tag when if we share a mutual server or group so I can see your message(s)• I am neurodivergent and struggle with mental health issues• I sometimes take long periods to respond to messages• I am opinionated and have strong values

DNI (do not interact)• You meet basic DNI criteria• You are -18 years old• You use slurs that cannot be reclaimed• You use or enjoy "dark humor"• You will not use my correct pronouns• You are going to be impatient or rude if I message back slowly• You are not going to be supportive or understanding of my mental health struggles• You are here for drama, discourse, or debate• You generally lack kindness or sensitivity

Small Cute Pink Pointer
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